New homepage!

For the first time in MANY years, we have a new homepage here at This time, we decided to go with OctoPress which is a great Jekyll based blogging software.

We also need some help from you guys, what do you think we should feature on the homepage and blog about? We've had a few ideas floating around but nothing has been finalised yet and there's no exact criteria to be featured or what to actually feature. A good thing about OctoPress is that anyone can write a post or a blog entry by just forking Moparisthebest's Github repository add it, and put in a pull request and if Moparisthebest approves, it'll be committed and shown here! If you don't want to, or can't use github, just write another post in this format and email it to Moparisthebest, though github submissions will be handled faster. I strongly suggest that if you want to take part in this, you read the OctoPress blogging basics documentation article.